Craftsmanship and style collide in a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in Philadelphia art and culture:

Initially founded in 2016 as a private label product offering to complement the stylistic barber works of Point Breeze (Philadelphia) native Shaun Miller, H.Smith has grown into a lifestyle and wellness brand; encompassing all aspects of one’s personal growth: culture, style, art, and wellness. Through its messaging, ever-growing product line, and its first shop in Point Breeze  (Philadelphia), H.Smith takes aim at motivating and inspiring its clientele to a more enriched quality of life.

Named after his maternal grandfather, Harry Franklin Smith, Sr. — a Point Breeze native himself, the idea for a merger between art, style, and wellness came from Shaun’s personal interactions with clients; seeing the need to put the art and appreciation back into self care. “The initial inspiration came from the need for a space like this locally”  remembers Miller, the Owner & Creative Director behind the budding enterprise.

Lighting, sound, and flavorful elements fill the 1000 square-foot brick and mortar space. Custom woodwork crafted by Philadelphia design house Moseley + Killian compliments the space with a uniquely palpable charm. A growing collection of art work can be seen from the over-sized windows that line the building.  And, on the shelves, the signature suite of H.Smith skin and hair products.